May 19, 2009

News, I guess?

So its getting kinda cold, like 16 degrees or something at night in Cairns......Brrrrrr. And we all know what that means? Cause we are all a bunch cold blooded pussies that live in FNQ that means hoodie weather right? So we will have hoodies done this week, if anyone is keen, drop us an email, send us a text, give us a ring, or send us a smoke signal. But be quick, cause I ordered fuck all, cause business is slow. Also finished finalizing the new frames, so they will be here in five to six weeks, give or take. So if your not one of those weight conscious ladyboys, not that they are heavy anyway! And you want a sweet frame that's actually had some thought put into it, whose head tube wont snap off and impale you when things go pear shaped, has more attention to detail than a hand built Ferrari and rides like Anna Kornikovas arse would if you were ever lucky enough to give it a hit. Then pull your fucking heads out of the sand and support an Australian company. Ooops....are we being to blunt? Well stiff shit! We highly doubt its really gonna effect the way things are anyway. Now for six or so people that arnt Levis friend on MySpace here are some photos we stole. Laters.
Keepin it simple.....but still stylin like only Levi can. Nice one brruvvaaa!

PS: Word on the street is there is comp on down at the sweet little park that is Bushland Beach just north of Townsville on Sunday. Head down (or up) if you can make it. And make sure you texta "Nightfall sucks!" and "Levi likes boys!" on your shirt, he will love it. Seriously!

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