May 4, 2009

Nightfall: the opposite of "weak as piss!"

Steve: getting his 3 on at bushland.

Dylan: Dive, dive, dive!

From up there to down there, the quickest way possible! Gravity assisted roof drop to 100 mile an hour wall slap upon reentry. Testing in full progress!

Steve: Flat out boy! What else?

Mark: Over ice, shit yeah!
De La Soul said it, we second it. If ya not feeling it, get the fuck out!
Townsville ended up being pretty fun times. We went over to maggie island and stayed there friday night. Rode the park sat for a bit, but it was hot, and most of us were not in the best state. But it didnt stop us riding from horseshoe back to the ferry, just so we could go as fast as humanely possible down the other side of the range. We then got on the ferry and headed back to the mainland and went to the festival thing they had in town, it was ok. But at 90 bucks a pop, probably not worth it in hindsight. We all crashed in the van sat after a brief appearance in town. Sunday we rode Murray, the uni banks , Bushland Beach, and quickly stopped at Ingham on the way home.
Highlight of the weekend? Doing the touristy thing and going up Castle Hill, then bombing back down it. The most fun you could ever have on a small bike, full stop! If you live in Townsville and dont do this at least once a week, you got issues.
Ps Some other photos will be posted at some stage (along with a sequence hopefully), probably when i get some other internet connection, that isnt camel pace. Oh, and im off to the sticks again, so dylan and steve will be doing some posting soon. Get amongst it!

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