May 31, 2009

How devo would you be?

So your out in town and you meet this nice girl, you spend the best part of six hours keeping her enthralled in conversation, you have used up every bit of charisma, charm and wit you have, you have spent a small countrys budget buying her and her friends drinks so you get their nod of approval, you finally get her home and semi undressed and you find her wearing one of these. Or worse still, you get home and your missus has a nice little strip tease suprise for you, yay! and you find her with one of these on after she has taken off all her lingerie. Why Lord? Why?! Bmx is gay enough these days without having to think about your bike while your attempting to "get jiggy with it". Nothing could possibly be more unappealing! Surely!

A colony G-string, oh and your boyfriend can have not one but two colony shirts as well, what a deal, dont all ring strictly at once ladies!

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