May 22, 2009

Check it....this is absolute gold!

So I was surfing the world wide web and happened to stumble across this site. It's a bmx co. that has some sort of ties to Australia. Now I am not plugging something here, so I am not gonna name names. Not because we are scared of a defamation lawsuit, just because it isn't nice slagging people, well actually sometimes it is. But you know what they say, "loose lips sink ships". These guys look like they make some cool little bits and pieces. But this is what they state in their about page. It's probably still way better than ours mind you, but fuck it, we don't care anyway, so that's irrelevant. And I quote:

"The way we seen it, our company is run in a very different way to most other BMX or bike companies out there. Therefore they are (removed so as to not give away to much info)."
"The (insert name here) Bike Co. was founded in 2009 to provide riders in the BMX scene with a larger variety of options. In this case high end components for a lower price, which would appeal to most. We design our components around 5 key adjectives. These adjectives are light, trendy, stylish, rad and awesome, so don't expect any less from us.The (insert name here) Bike Co. is proudly a rider run and owned company!"

Must just be my stale sense of humour, but I was in stitches. Mmmm...different indeed. Sounds kinda of like a contradiction to me, considering most bike companies survive by giving the customer what is hot at the time. It's called supply and demand. Anyway after I'd stopped rolling around on the ground, and my guts stopped hurting, I had an epiphany. These guys are actually onto it! Because they obviously know that the vast majority of "sheeple" just want the lightest, trendiest, in style shit going. Why? Oh, that's easy, because so and so has it and it's fucking cool! As a result of this epiphany, and after digesting this information we have concluded that Nightfall is a sinking ship. Therefore we are cutting our losses, cashing our chips and fucking off to Thailand for a well deserved extended break. Whilst there we will attempt to hit on numerous backpackers (hopefully Swedish ones, cause they all look heaps better once they leave Sweden for some strange reason), watch strippers perform all kind of weird and wonderful circus acts with their private parts and drink cheap cocktails. Wish you were coming! Peace out fools.

Here is some "light", its defying physics, and is stuck to this dudes heads and that chicks shoulder while they are trying to get their mosh on . Copenhagen . Circa 06 .
This guy from South Africa whose name escapes me knew what was "trendy" way before his time, check out those jeans, yeh boy! Leading the pack! Epsom . Circa 06 .
Bas Keep, going scarily high whilst being incredibly "stylish". London . Circa 06 .
Farkis. End result of the first ever Nightfall BBQ. "Rad". Nuf said. Cairns . Circa 08 .
Weed is bad kids, true story. But this was "awesome". Weed growing in plain sight, and no one batting an eyelid. Mind you it may well have been hemp. Christiania . Circa 06 .

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