July 11, 2009

Nick Cooper and Dylans new dog.

So turns out i was right about two things, Nick Cooper is real good. And shit would be up on the Unit site in no time flat. Allan Hardy doesnt fuck around, guess thats why he is where he is, doing what he does. Nice to see Cairns getting some love i spose. Few of the locals even made an appearance to, including the darkness himself. Yeh boy! Goto this link, cause i cant get it to embed.

Forgot to mention to, we got fifty something gay ass colours in the t-shirts, why doestnt anybody like plain ol black these days?
Also Dylan needs a name for his new pitbull pup, its a boy, so boys names only, but not some gay shit like Max, something strong and kinda mean, but not downright lame. Email us some ideas, and if something sticks we will send you a shirt, cause we are so goddamn nice.

1 comment:

winterfreshfilms said...

new designs are tight man! i need to get a black shirt off ya and give ya some money for the hoodie ill hook ya up next time i see ya!