July 10, 2009

New design....at long last!

It aint minus 4 like Melbourne was the other night(or so i hear), but its still its fucking cold in Cairns. New shirts and zip up hooded jumpers for all the cold blooded critters in FNQ........get amongst it fools!
Zip up hood back.
Shirt/zip up front.
Just to note, because we are all about making the best quality shit we can, these last two pictures show the difference between a black print and a white print. We take the time and effort to do two screens, unlike some people who use the same screen to print both colours, which believe it or not turns out shit!
Big shout out to Glen at the screenprinters, for being such a godamn perfectionist, and for having the patience to put up with us. Cheers mate, your the best!

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