July 28, 2009


Confucious also say: Keep It Simple Stupid! Few random shots of some locals from the past couple weeks. Steve, 3-0.
Soco, gap to over rail 180.

Blade, this is rediculous, gaps first, turns around, and before we know whats up, hes sailing over backwards. Yound local, Brock, lookback.
Danza, turndown amongst an Atherton nightfall.
Dylan, turn em bar...sideways, off a tiny little bump jump thingy.
Steve, gappin.
Jiz, busting some kind of skateboard trickery, that i dont know the name of.
Kiwi, nuf said, this is sick. He actually gets back in from there, though im unsure how.
Some nuffy.
Marky, styling over a rail.
Dylan, nailing a lipslide, while everyone else nails some beers.
Mogli, big no hander outta a bank.
Shorty, repping the special order 1 million XL nightfall shirt. Yeh Bro! LOL

Rail hop.

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