February 17, 2009

computers are gay (or im useless)

so i just tryed posting something about the rest of the road trip , but it didnt work so i give up on that idea , in short everyone had a rad time , an we got to meet some awesome people , in other news we have some sample frames coming an they should be here next week hopefully , these things have been in the pipeline for what seems like forever , sorry about the wait , but we really want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect before we lash out and get a batch done , when they arrive we will put up some decent photos , an in the meantime ill try post the ones that the manufacturers emailed me .

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Ridge said...

Dan your new website is under construction now, and will be ready in a day or two and yes I did add a link to this page!

No more contact us area, if people want to contact you they can do it here on your blog.

Those new frames look SICK!