January 19, 2009

righto , like anyone gives a shit , but this is how things are going , we split to airlie thurs night an proceeded to get blind while levi sweated it out in the van , next day we drove to caboolture an rode rocky on the way , which was pretty awesome , next day we rode dicky beach an caloundra , an met some some cool dudes , one of which showed to the park at caloundra , the other of which was this young kid by the name of matt who was a full shredder , that arvo we drove to brissie an rode shailer (KP) where mulesy remebered he could superman seatgrab , which was awesome , then we hooked it to the goldie via beenliegh , an again proceeded to get blind in town , whilst levi an josh rode a few nibbles around town , we ended up leaving there about five in the morning an rode ballina , (well levi an josh did) as the rest of us were fucked , then there was some water park action , an a brief drive to grafton to check out the park , where we found a comp in full swing , long story short , we told levi to stop being a fairy an have a ride , an he ended up winning , which was pretty awesome , i think hes gonna keep his mankind an hang it on the wall as his first official trophy , or something , after that we drove down to stay with some mates in coffs (thank heaps to preston , sam an danny) , rode some cool little trails right near the beach , had a few beers etc , an tomoro we are outta here to sydney via a couple rides at kempsey an forster , sorry about the briefness an shitness of this post , but beers but stay cold on their own , night eh

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