February 4, 2011

Flood relief jam!

Kirkman has been hard at it! Head to Beeno on the 20th for what should be an awesome day! Plenty of bands playing, plenty of awesome prizes, and plenty of bicycle stuntery. All proceeds going to a real good cause, so dig deep, tell everyone you know, and be there!
Oh, dirtpipe is rained out to. Last correspondance i got from our defector "set" rider was that everyone was getting drunk an "loooooose" (with that many o's). Cant argue with that!
Lastly, TC Yasi was a non event in Cairns. Which is pretty fortunate for us. If anyone has seen on the news how flogged the Tully/Ingham/Mission beach region is, you'll appreciate why. Good luck to anyone down that way, our thoughts are with you.

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