September 21, 2010


...agent/vendor problems, manufacturing problems, vandalsim problems, weather problems, motivation problems, filmer problems, time problems, you name it we got it. But we are working on it, super keen to get shit done, but its dismally slow at the moment...sorry. I been away working in... Saudi Arabia?..nope.
South Africa?..Nope.
Birdsville! So that hasnt been helping.
This is who you call when your stuck in the dunes...fuck yeh! That is a recovery vehicle. Mad max styles! haha

Soco seems to have fallen off the face of the earth (hope alls well). Steve is back from his honey moon, so hes keen and we will be doing some photos an shit soon! Dylan is up the islands working an saying hi to the kids haha. As of tomorow Mulesy should be running this new frame (custom painted in black). So should you! If anyone needs a frame, email us, facebook us, smoke signal us etc etc. 350 bucks with a headset, posted anywhere.

Our 100% aussie made Alumec sprockets are pretty much all gone-skies. So if you have one of the sixty that is floating around out there somewhere, cherish it, cause there aint ever gonna be one exactly the same as that again...ever.

Free drinks at Gillies aint working well enough with the ladies, so its tattoo time for Levi (who now rolls for "the set" but as far as im aware isnt rolling on a set yet). I better not ever catch you rocking a v-neck Levi, or we are through! haha

Old shot o levi, whippin it at the moonlite jam (stolen from "the book"). Yeh Boi!

Sorry if you are one of the poor unfortunate bastards who made it this far, ramble over, im out!

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