August 5, 2010

Cant stop here...

..this is spleen country! Me, Dylan, and Mulesy (excuse my grammar Ridge: Dylan, Mulesy and I) Went down the Cairns base to visit Danza last night, drop him off a stick mag and the new Focalpoint. He is coherent, but he tore his spleen in half, and apparently by some stroke of luck it has stopped bleeding and is healing back together by itself. We told him he wasnt as tough as Luke Issacson, cause Luke actually had his removed and has a mad scar. But Danza reckons hes so tough he didnt even need his removed. Yous are both tough bastards haha. Get well soon mate. K-bar-2: Riders spleens-Nil


NightFall Bike Co. said...

Not bad, Dan.

Capitals, fullstops, comma's all in the right spot.

All you need now is to learn about comma's and the word "and", then you will be sweet!


NightFall Bike Co. said...

yeh rigtho ridge, ill look into it