January 23, 2010

Cairns heavy hitters...

...shits on the up an up for a couple Cairns locals. I was looking at a BMX mag down the newsagent the other day and saw David Girschs name on a Unit add, so i guess its official, hes on Unit. Probably old news though. Hes also hooked himself a deal with DK and picked up a new bike the day before yesterday i think. So a big congratulations to Davo is in order. Levi has been down Brissie riding a bunch and hanging at Lee Kirkmans. Hes also got some big news on the way to, but you will have to keep ya ear to the ground until everything is official, then we will let ya know. Im off to to a tropical island to reassesss my/Nightfalls life. If anyones chasing anything, just drop us an email and ill get Dylan to sort yas out. Leave ya with a vid of Levi and a bunch o dudes shredding a jam at Kempsey. Nightfall or Die! Laters.

Blake Butterfield Memorial JAM from Joel P. on Vimeo.

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