September 21, 2009

we told ya....

....all you blouse wearing prima donnas that didnt show up for the Nightfall missed out! I guess there must have been something fully awesome going on the Sapphire bar about the same time. Never mind. There was a few minor dramas, but you get that on big jobs. Cheers to everybody that showed up an had a good time. And a real big thanks to these people:
Bushroe for getting in early and helping set up.
Moody "the night watchmen" for setting up and manning the bar all night.
Lauren and the girls for putting up with things and generally being good sorts, opps i mean sports.
Ridge for getting the most bent out of shape i have ever seen anybody get before...awesome.
Shorty for making me laugh so godamn hard when he decided to drop in off the vert wall on a plastic chair base. He popped out and pretty much landed in half a foot of transition at the bottom. That was fucking gold.
Pauly for bringing his decks and busting fat beats all night.
Anyone who actually paid for a drink, we went through 11 litres of hard liquor, and we definately didnt end up with close to enough money to pay the girls....oh well.
Lastly, Darryl Strugnell! He wasnt there, but if you know him and you see him around then buy him a drink, cause trust me, if you drunk anything on the night, then you owe him one for the hookup.
Anyone else i forgot, its been a week and im over this internet connection.
So anyway here is some random photos, sorry there arnt really any riding ones, but thats because the few BMXers that actually did show up were to bent or busy to ride, except Dylan, and Levi, who might i add, was doing fucking huge Flairs in his hawaiin outfit. Its a real pity we didnt get a shot of that, cause its a pretty mean feat on thet ramp, as there is about a foot of tranny in the bottom.

Ordy is a skateboarder and it just so happens this is the only riding photo of the night.

Moody manning the bar

Dylan, bringin sexy back.

Ridge, a few hours before his long trek down the yellow brick road.

Theres only one problem with this photo, have a good hard look and think about it, if you can guess what it is, let us know and we will send ya a t-shirt.

Ash, getting in touch with his feminine side.

Rio gets the most photos, and for good reason!

Rio, just as he let go of a load...i think.

Shit yeah!

Jared went from this.

Kennaz definately won fancy dress...hands down.

Dunno who this is, but hes had enough.

The winner of the raffle, getting his prize, we have alot more explicit photos than this, but there might be kids looking at this shit....sorry.

Levi went from doing huge this, lucky he was sticking to the XXXX!

Shorty went from this.... this.

And last but not least, German skater import extraordinaire Cristian went from this.....
 this this.
The end! To anyone who didnt make it, thanks for nothing! Maybe next time.


NightFall Bike Co. said...

Cool Pics, can't see you in any though, Dan...

And is it true that no one got anything at all of Levi upside down in his native attire? That's a damn shame!

Special mention must go to my brother Thorn, for letting me out do him on this occasion for being the most Fiend out person on the night. Thank's Thorn, I owe you one!

NightFall Bike Co. said...

Above comment from Ridge.

piracyizfun said...

goddamn unit doo rag on the hottie. i saw thorn hangin with his pal sid and they were havin a blast last night. bastards!