August 13, 2009

Technicolour dreamcoat....

One of me mates at work, Ian, is losing his licence. Because he was stupid enough to be apprehended by the constabulary (cops) whilst driving an unregistered, unroadworthy, uninsured vehicle whilst he was unlicenced and heavily intoxicated. So as of this moment in time he is riding the deadly treadly. While he was at first aid training yesterday it came to my attention that his transportation was lacking a little something, so i decided it was my duty as a mate to give his new ride a facelift..............looks nice huh. If you frequent sapphire bar haha.

In other news i still havent heard about the frames, far as i know they are still at customs or something. But for all you fashionistas out there, when they do arrive, we will be more than happy to give you a one off custom paint job similar to the one above. Free of charge.......cause we are so goddamn nice.

Oh and just to give everyone the heads up, when these frames finally do arrive, we will be having the bestest jam of all time. Probably the first or second weekend of Sept. Expect rediculous alcohol consumption, tittie girls, a stripper, new vids that no one has seen, and possibly an undisclosed band that is fairly well known in FNQ, or will be after the Timeout concert. If you live in FNQ, you ride, you like getting loose and your not there, you suck at life! The flyer will be out soon!

Anyway, im off to Birdsville for work, (yay!) so if there aint any new posts between now and fourteen days from now, thats why. Laters.

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