June 29, 2009

Night falls on doom city...

So seeing as no one is checking in (bar mulesys 3 tables) im checking my fucking self in. Whilst yous have all been sitting on the beach, sipping margaritas, chilling with ya lady friends, and generally having a great ol time enjoying the lovely weather in paradise, ive been working out in the sticks at a shithole called Doomadgee, ensuring our indiginous brothers have a reliable source of power for the next 6-8 years, so i can pay for a bunch of Nightfall shit that no one is gonna send us an email to buy....shit yeah! So heres news as far as im aware.....Frames should be done god knows when, last i heard they were redoing the dropouts cause they fucked up, new shirts and zip up hoods are done, but good luck getting your hands on one of them cause i aint home to open up shop, levi has been roofing up the tableland, mulesyis famous on diversity, dave c is still incognito, and nick copper has been in town (cairns) staying at dylans shutting down the locality so every Cairns rider has nothing left to do, that is of course if any of us ever got our shit together anyway. Hes reallllllly good in real life from what i hear, guess ill see it all on the Unit site in no time.
Now here is some vital stats
996 ks: ammount of kilometres traversed betwen cairns and doom city in one hit
11 and 1/2 hours: time taken to traverse the said kilometres
76 squizillion: approximate number of corrogations driven over
2: ammount of vehicles passed in the lattter seven hour period of the trek
12: ammount of beers drunk on the drive, nothing like a DUI charge to slow ya up huh ?
1: number of brahman bulls that attempted to permanently put me out of commision on the said drive by running onto the road in front of the Tojo
2: number of wallabys my bullbar permanently put out of commision
11: approximate number of times i listened to the same goddamn CD between Georgetown where i purchased it and doom city
3: number of things that were relatively rideable in doomadgee (two of which were rail hops)
0: ammount of times i ever want to go back there.....ever, im fucking over it!

Fucking confusers, i got photos but they wont load, anyway im off to the NT camping, where i will hopefully get to shoot something, cause im in the worst mood ever.

Nightfall Bike Co, FNQBMX, get amongst it pussies, laters.

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NightFall Bike Co. said...

Haha nice one Dan.

Doomagdee is a beautiful part of the world, stop whinging.