April 8, 2009

Barbie photos....late as usual

Sorry, not the best quality. Don't have a decent flash.... Couldn't be bothered with the tripod. So this is from the bbq we had sat night. One of the quieter ones to date, just chilled out, had a ride, cooked some snags, drunk some beers blah blah. Only downer for the night was Farkis doing himself some pretty intense dental damage. Well it actually looks al ot worse than it is. Check the photos. He was smiling afterwards, don't ask me how though. I'd be pretty devo, teeth are much more beneficial to you whenst embedded in your jaw, rather than your lip. On the bright side though, he didn't knock them out completely and hes gonna get them capped soon. Therefore he'll most probably be inputting some money into the aussie economy in the next few months, which cant really be a bad thing at the moment. Best of luck mate, hope they don't sting ya too much.




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NightFall Bike Co. said...

And I thought he couldn't possibly get any uglier...

I'd still hit it though!