December 26, 2008 last !

Hey sorry about the wait , computers arnt my thing unfortunately . Anyhow just a few snaps of some shit available . First up is some apparell , all printed right here in Cairns , Qld , theres hooded jumpers (obviously as useless as tits on a bull at the moment , unless your heading to the northern hemisphere , or work in a freezer) , girls tops , and guys tee's , we have the basic colours , but if youd like something differnt and dont mind waiting a week , then we can pretty much do whatever colour shirt and paint combination your brain can think up .
Next up is stubbie coolers , also made here in Cairns , now i dont care what anyone says , these are an essential piece of summer survival equiptment , they keep your beer cold longer , simple , unless of course your staright edge then in that case theyll even keep your coke cold .
And last is the headsets , sorry , these are made in taiwan , for the obvious reason that you cant get these made here in OZ, as we have stated before there is a rediculously limited number of the 45x45 s as the rest which are 36x45s are for the production frames when they come , if they ever come , nah they are coming , these things take time .
Oh and all prices are delivered to your door . Drop us an email if ya keen .

Hoodies 60$ Girls ts 30$ Guys ts 30$ , or well give ya 4 for 100$ , cause we are so nice .

Coolers 10$ each or 6 for 50$

Headsets (if we have any) 40$
Keep your money in Australia , cause its the best place on earth ! Laters .

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